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Care Worker Services
& Training
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CareWorker Services & Training
"Welcome to CWS: Empowering Lives with Compassionate Care"
Caring for a loved one at home can sometimes be overwhelming and exhausting.
Our team of well trained, dedicated care givers can lend a loving hand, offer support and full patient care in the comfort of their own homes.
Our team is here to help you make the right home care decision.

Our Training offered

We are very proud of our improved facilities and updated training methods.
We are constantly striving to adjust our training modules in order to keep up with the changes and developments in the home based care field.
In a nutshell we provide the following training:
*Assistance with activities of daily living
Activities of daily living (ADLs) are essential skills an individual need for self-care and independent living, such as feeding oneself, walking and using the toilet.
The 6 basic (ADLs) include toiletries, washing, feeding, mobility, and transferring which are all required in daily life.

Boosting Caregiver Skills:

"Unleashing the Potential of Trained Care Workers"
Turn your Passion into an income, become a trained care-worker

Our Service To You

When you decide to home care you loved one, we become part of your team. We keep record of the patients vitals and medications, changes in status and progress.
If you are concerned you can call our seniors for advice.
If you are not happy with the progress being made we can assist you with information or referrals to people who can give you the best advise.
Very often we can get access to a doctor quicker than you can.
We can send information, such as pictures of wounds to the professionals involved so that they are kept informed of progress and that allows for faster feedback.
We manage the staff for you, their contracts, duty rosters and job descriptions.
As union members, we handle matters of discipline on your behalf.
Legal such as U.I.F, workman's compensation and leave are managed by us.
You can relax knowing that you have back up when you decide to home care your loved one.
Care Workers service
General Care Services

Dealing with Alzheimer’s patients.
Bathing, feeding and stimulation.
Vital signs.
Palliative care.
Transfers from bed to commode to wheelchairs etc.
Bed bathing.
Bed making with patient in it for bedridden patients.
Catheter care.
Basic wound care.

"Get to know our fantastic team of caring superheroes!"
- "Discover our top tips for keeping your loved ones happy and healthy."
- "Join our community of caregivers and share your stories of compassion and kindness."
"Expert Caregivers in Springs, Brakpan, Benoni & Boksburg |
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Client Reviews
I just want to mention that you have an angel on your staff.
Simphiwe was fantastic in taking care of my wife. She has a heart of gold and I would recommend her to anyone.
Have a lovely evening.

Unit 29
6 Phoenix Road
Selection Park
Emergency / Cell: 082 920 1695

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